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The Monk's sworn promise to the delivery of Art & Fashion

We aim to please here at Art Fort 321 and as we are new to this quick response time evolution we are stream lining our facilities.  We as that are patrons remain patient as we produce, package, and ship our carefully crafted projects for your enjoyment.

Plus, if our shipments take longer than to be expected (out-of stock) we guarantee that we will add a little something extra to your order to show our appreciation of your kindness. Might even be a piece of original art or a print, never know)


         The Urban Monk 16' - 2 - infinity

Shipping & Returns

Shipping times for Fashion can take upwards of 4 weeks because we print to order so we do not waste excess goods. We try and keep only the artwork available that we have onsite and ship within 2 weeks including packaging time. In the rare occurrence a work is damaged we will accommodate appropriately with either a refund or partial compensation of choosing.

Overall, we promote patience over these expedient times(2-4 weeks, on handmade pieces). It is for the care and focus to protect the artwork so it arrives to you safely.  If it arrives quickly and broken in a pile, that's not so good. We at  Art Fort 321 try to achieve -10.% human error, meaning, we work 110% more efficient than robots.  So in the long run it is better we have artists looking over all aspects of the artwork.  It just takes a little longer...