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Thee O (Scarlet & GrayCollection)


The official signature online retailer of Urban Monkism Fashion.  A clothing line designed by The Urban Monk inspired by his artwork.

Thee O (Scarlet & GrayCollection)


Thee O (Scarlet & GrayCollection)


These are made in to order so delivery can take 2-4 weeks (during this holiday season)

100% sweatshop free

made in Canada

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                 sizes USA                                        0-2            4-6                 8-10               12-14                   16

                       Bust                                            32"             34"                 37"                 40"                   42"

                      Waist                                           24"             26"                 28"                 31"                    33"

                       Hips                                            35"             37"                 39"                 42"                   44"      


Leggings, dresses, beanies, and shorts are manufactured in Canada, 100% sweatshop free.  Currently production and delivery time can be as long as 2-4 weeks because we have opted for a print to order model. This helps us in reducing the amount of waste by not holding an over abundance of inventory. However, this means our patrons such as yourself will have to exhibit patience for us to deliver a high quality and beautiful garment for your inner peace.


        The Urban Monk